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Quality of D.SOAR
Quality Policy
Our company goal is to continually deliver safe, effective, high quality products and services to our customers. The production process and control method will guarantee us to carry out the project correctly in the first place, so that product quality and service can be satisfied. It is our every employee's responsibility to ensure product quality, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, maintaining the effectiveness of our quality management system and compliance with customer and regulatory requirements.
Customer satisfaction
Our success depends on our customer's satisfactions. We'll do our best to build an extraordinary performance on our business. We will only gain satisfactory from customers when we truly understand their requirements, needs and preferences, and also give our outstanding performance on every aspect.
Defect-free products and timely service

Our goal is to reduce variability in order to improve cycle times and to achieve zero defects for our products and services. We will adapt a common set of standards on improving measurement, reports and drives, and eliminate every defect by systematic correction and preventive measures.