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D.SOAR is an integrated supplier for electrical insulation solutions. We aim at offering our customers solutions on a variety of insulation problems which are related to our field. We don’t try to do everything, we only focus on a few things, and we do them with excellence! And that's why superior quality and customer service are maintained. Furthermore, we improve and innovate in our products according to the customers' needs, and provide our customers with one-stop service. Our advanced supply chain management (SCM) has helped us out on engineer design, manufacture supervision, environmental management and after-sale service. We will enlarge the customers' benefit by reducing cost and shortening the leading time. Our customers and partners cover 12 countries across America, Europe and Asia, and we also provide services for global leading companies on electric, transmission, computer, autos, medical and electronic devices. For more information, Please visit our website at http://www.dsoar.com/

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