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LG Display unveils 18-inch flexible and transparent OLED pan

Fancy a TV that you can roll up, just like a projector screen? Well, we’re inching closer to that future now that LG Display has developed an 18-inch flexible OLED panel with a 1,200 x 810 resolution, and which can be rolled up to a radius of 3cm. LG clearly sees this breakthrough important as it works towards rollable TVs of more than 50 inches in the future. For tech nerds, the aforementioned panel uses high molecular substance-based polyimide film as the backplane (instead of conventional plastic) to achieve its 30R curvature radius. This polyimide film also helps in reducing the panel thickness, which in turn, improves its flexibility.
Also unveiled is an 18-inch transparent OLED panel that has a 30% transmittance, which is significantly better than the 10% transmittance found in other transparent displays. This is achieved by lowering the haze of the panel, which is generated by using circuit devices and film components, to a mere 2%.
Moving forward, the company is confident of developing an Ultra HD flexible and transparent OLED panel of more than 60 inches, and which has a transmittance of more than 40% and a curvature radius of 100R by 2017. In other words, while the industry is making headway, it’s still quite many years out before we can pick up that rollable TV or laptop from our local CE stores.


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